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camping weekend #2

We had to cut our second camping weekend a little short because Olivia is sick… but we made the most of our day by going to the playground, picking flowers and roasting marshmallows.

Emma also had a little fun helping daddy on the roof of the bus.

on to the next adventure

We were supposed to get the bus out of winter storage last weekend, but the 12″+ of snow we got last week made that impossible. It warmed up while we were in Bimini, so the bus is out. First camping trip is May 4th!

more coins

It wouldn’t have been a vacation if we didn’t come back with new smashed coins from the places we visited. I added a Canadian penny into the mix.

Emma loves collecting rocks, so she brought home some new ones too. Now I just need to figure out something creative to do with them.

corn palace

We were trying to make a big push for home on Wednesday. From Wall, SD it’s about a 9 hour drive. We stopped along the way to let the girls play at a playground, then made a stop at the Corn Palace.

We made one more stop at a rest area before making it all the way home very late.

the badlands

We started our trip home on Tuesday. I really wanted to stop at Wall Drug and Braden really wanted to spend the night on “the wall” ( basically the edge of a cliff in the Badlands)… so we did both.

Emma said “I want to go back to the Badlands so I can walk down the rocks with daddy”.

On our way back to the bus from Wall Drug we drove through part of Badlands National Park and saw a buffalo!

After the buffalo we stopped to watch the sunset.