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hours of fun

This weekend we got a new tv for the living room. The gigantic tv box has provided hours of entertainment for the last three days. It’s going to be hard to get rid of!


We tried a new tubing hill today. It had a tow rope so we didn’t have to walk up the hill. 👍🏻 We weren’t sure Emma would be able to do it, but she rocked it. She tubed for 2 hours straight.

Afterward we warmed up with popcorn and hot chocolate.


We took daddy to the YMCA today for some swimming.

Olivia doesn’t let Emma have all the fun with the dive sticks. She throws them in the shallow end and then picks them with her feet.


This morning I told Emma we would go sledding after school, but she didn’t want to. So after I dropped her at school I took Olivia sledding.

We stopped at the park too.

emma’s morning out

This morning we went to the YMCA and signed up for a trial 5 day pass. I’ve been wanting to get Emma in a pool to practice swimming, but it’s been hard to find a place that’s open on Monday mornings. Emma swam like crazy for 2 hours and asked if we could go back tomorrow.