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emma’s day out

For today’s outing Emma chose Crayola Experience… and of course Rainforest Cafe. We were the first ones there.

Since we introduced Emma to Icees any time she sees the Icee sign she knows what it is. One of the menus was of souvenir cups that can be filled with an Icee. I quickly put it to the side before she saw it. Then the waitress came, picked it up and proceeded to tell us about the special souvenir cups filled with Icee.

I was planning to take the girls to see Santa on Friday, but Emma saw all the Christmas decorations at the mall and begged to go see him today. She actually sat on his lap… and smiled! We’ll be back on Friday with Olivia.

emma’s day out

I wanted to try this indoor waterpark last winter, but we never did. We finally gave it a try today. Emma had fun even though the kids section was a little small for her. I thought the water was freezing, but she swam for 2 hours.


She said her favorite part was the hot shower afterward.

emma’s day out

We were busy today… breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, pedicures and manicures, a visit to the candy store, Target and lunch at the noodle restaurant. 

She begged me to get this robe at Target. She “needs it to sit in front of the fire and drink hot chocolate”. She made a good argument, but I still said no. I told her she can add it to her Christmas list. 

After all that we picked up Olivia, went home and carved a pumpkin. Whew.