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christmas tree lighting

We pass by the tree they lit last year for our towns Christmas tree lighting just about every day. Emma has been asking for weeks if we were going to go see it again. We braved the cold and the crowds to go again tonight. Our high schools marching band is going to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, so they performed tonight.

We got there early to get a parking spot, so we spent a lot of time watching kids play hockey.

Emma can spot an Icee machine from a mile away ( see arrow ).

It was cold and windy, so we headed inside and missed the Christmas tree lighting… but we did get to see this sad looking Santa.


There were so many good pictures of Emma and Santa from the other day! Someone talk me down from buying 11 pictures of her with Santa. She keeps asking when we can go back, which just means more pictures I’m going to want to buy.

emma’s day out

For today’s outing Emma chose Crayola Experience… and of course Rainforest Cafe. We were the first ones there.

Since we introduced Emma to Icees any time she sees the Icee sign she knows what it is. One of the menus was of souvenir cups that can be filled with an Icee. I quickly put it to the side before she saw it. Then the waitress came, picked it up and proceeded to tell us about the special souvenir cups filled with Icee.

I was planning to take the girls to see Santa on Friday, but Emma saw all the Christmas decorations at the mall and begged to go see him today. She actually sat on his lap… and smiled! We’ll be back on Friday with Olivia.