hello florida

I was prepared for the worst on our plane ride. I bought new books, new iPhone apps and her new favorite train show on the iPad. Plus I had a diaper bag full of her favorite snacks.

Our flight was during her naptime so I was hoping she would nap… and nap she did. 

She even slept through landing….

She woke up while we were taxiing and got to watch the other planes out the window. She especially liked the guy driving the choo choo with everyone’s luggage on it. 


Emma had her first dentist appointment today. She has two new teeth that just popped through, and two more not far behind. 

Emma wasn’t thrilled about the dentist touching her, but she loved watching cartoons, getting a sticker and a getting a toothbrush. 

After her appointment we headed to the indoor park for some fun. 

open gym

All the community centers have open gyms where kids can go play with toys. We’ve been to the one by our house twice, but it isn’t that good. The last time we went Emma said all done and headed for the door after 5 minutes.

Today we tried one at a different community center. This one had three different rooms where kids could play. It was awesome. Emma was having so much fun that we were there for 2 hours.