all done

Emma’s favorite new word of the week is “ah duh” ( all done ). I was getting her snack ready when I heard her say ah duh and open the trash. Apparently this cup is no good to her once it’s empty….


Coming in at a close second for favorite word of the week… uh oh.

out and about and freezing

We didn’t really have any plans today, except for getting out of the house. We ended up having an unexpectedly pretty busy day.

First stop was the zoo. I was excited to try out Emma’s new stroller blanket. It was pretty awesome, and kept her nice and toasty in the 10 degree weather.




By the time we were done at the zoo it was lunch time. We decided to head to the Mall of America for lunch and to let Emma play in the toy store afterward. Of course we can’t leave there without a ride on the carousel.