members only

Today the zoo had an after hours members only event to debut the new Hawaiian Monk Seals.

I was afraid it might be a little crowded, but the whole zoo was open which made it not crowded at all. It was getting close to dinner time, so we just checked out all the new aquarium exhibits.

This was Emma’s favorite new tank. It was full of crabs, shrimp and fish. We spent way more time here than we did watching the seals.

date morning

Braden and I got out this morning for a movie. This was my first movie since I was pregnant with Emma, so it’s been a long time.

It doesn’t matter it was 9:00 AM… I still got popcorn.  It was nice and fresh and just as delicious as I remember it.

I told Emma yesterday that the babysitter was coming over to play with her while mommy and daddy went to a movie. I promised to bring her back popcorn. When we got home the babysitter said she kept saying “mommy bring popcorn”. That girl doesn’t forget a thing… especially when it comes to food.