environmentally concious

Last week I started letting Emma throw stuff in the trash. Who knew she would get so excited about this? She has been pretty good about only throwing things away that we tell her she can put in the trash. But lately she’s been throwing things in the recycling can I keep in the kitchen while I’m not watching. The other day I found a puzzle box lid when I was emptying the can into the big bin in the garage. Today…. a lemon.


As a fun bonus she will bring me every tiny crumb off the floor to see if I’ll tell her to put it in the trash… and there are a lot of tiny crumbs.


I was on my way to Home Depot on Monday afternoon, but then I realized my car said it was 65 outside. We’re not going to get many more of these days, so Home Depot can wait.


Braden had this great idea when we went to the park over the weekend to let her go down the big slide by herself. When I took her on Monday it was all she wanted to do. This was the first time she was way more interested in something other than the swings… even if there wasn’t someone at the bottom to catch her.