This morning we headed to the bus to check on it and get a couple things done. The place we are keeping it is about 20 minutes from our house. As soon as we pulled up Braden realized he forgot the keys. So… he dropped me and the girls at a nearby park while he drove home to get them. 


We met some friends at the zoo this morning. It was the perfect day for feeding the goats and a carousel ride. 

We also had lots of fun seeing animals and playing at the playground.

hello park 

We’ve been trading off sicknesses around our house for weeks. Today was the first day Emma didn’t have a fever in four days ( knock on wood because the days not over yet! ). When she got up from her nap she asked if we could go to the park. Olivia was excited about it too. 

Daddy even stopped by on his way home from work. 

happy easter

We didn’t end up with Easter bunny pictures this year. Emma kept asking to go, but I put it off too long and then both girls got sick this week… again.