beach day

We planned to drive an hour to go to the beach today because Emma asked to go to the beach while we were in Florida. Braden and I really didn’t feel like it, so we asked her if she wanted to go to Magic Kingdom again instead. She said yes and she wanted to ride the magic carpets. We didn’t get a chance the last time we were there, so we granted her wish… twice. 

We also did some rides we didn’t do earlier in the week… and some we did again. Braden and I took advantage of the rider swap, so Emma got to go on just about every ride twice. 

I’m pretty sure Olivia ate her weight in popcorn today. 

mickeys backyard bbq

We spent today at the pool until we got kicked out for lightning. 

We had dinner reservations for Mickeys Backyard BBQ at our resort. Right before we walked out the door the power went out in the whole resort. Our dinner was delayed an hour. They couldn’t do the show, so they refunded everyone their money. The characters were still there and Emma got ribs…. so she was happy. 



It was the final park day of our trip. We needed a little break, so we spent the first half of the day resting. Both girls got nice long naps before we headed to Epcot for dinner. 

We had dinner with princesses and rode a few rides before saying farewell to the parks. We still have one more day at our resort and maybe a day at the beach before we fly home. 

animal kingdom

I’m not the biggest fan of Animal Kingdom, but Emma really wanted to go back to lunch with the characters there. 

We only spent part of the day there and then headed back to Magic Kingdom to do some things we missed the day before. 

We got back to the resort just before firework time, so we stopped to watch them before calling it a night. A late, late night. 

magic kingdom 

Whew… we’ve been busy. We spent all day Monday meeting princesses ( and some other characters ) and got a couple rides in too.