Yesterday Emma asked Braden if he could make ribs today. He didn’t disappoint. So glad we’re having some amazing 50 degree weather… in February! If you ever need a rib taste tester… she’s your girl!

that hairĀ 

We’ve been stuck in the house all week, except for our short trip to the doctor and pet store yesterday. I didn’t want this amazing weather to pass us by, so we got outside for a little while today. 

Olivia didn’t mind splashing around in ice cold water, but she didn’t like touching the snow. 

sleepy girl

I was doing some stuff on the laptop in bed while Emma was watching tv. When I looked down… asleep. Poor girl. Hopefully these antibiotics kick in soon. 

new fish new tank

I think Emma’s fever might finally be gone… of course that happened when we were going to the doctor. She tested negative for the flu, but has bronchitis. They ended up pricking her finger to check if she had a virus, which she was not happy about. 

On our way home we stopped at the pet store to get a new filter for our tank. We came home with a bigger tank and a new fish. 

poor baby

Emma has had a fever for three days. I took her to the doctor yesterday. She couldn’t find anything wrong so she said maybe it’s a virus. I’m going back tomorrow because it will be day 4 and it’s not getting better. 

Emma says she feels fine, but today I can tell she’s not feeling great. I left her watching tv in my room while I went to rock Olivia. When I came back she was asleep. She never falls asleep watching tv. 

then there was one

I knew this day was coming for a while. One of the goldfish ( the smaller of the two ) kept having a bunch of health problems. I tried everything, but today we had to flush it to fish heaven. RIP little goldfish. Now we just have the big goldfish.