minnesota state fair – day 1

The day started a little iffy when two of the park and ride lots were full by 10:30 AM. Luckily there was street parking outside the second lot, so we didn’t have to go to a third. We waited 30 minutes through 5 busses before getting on our way. Emma waited very patiently despite her sour face.


Once we got the fair the eating was on – fried green tomatoes, garlic fries, cheese curds… and ice cream for Emma.

IMG_4476 IMG_4487IMG_0031

After we were stuffed we headed to some of the animal barns, which is always Emma’s favorite. She wanted to pet everything.


We’re planning on going two more days. While we were there Emma pointed out every chocolate chip cookie bucket. We were too full to get one this time, but we will be getting one next time for sure.

dr. seuss

Lately Emma has been obsessed with Dr. Seuss books. That’s all we’ve been reading for the last two weeks. I let her take a Dr. Seuss book in the bathroom at Kohls, despite the big sign on the door that says do not bring unpaid merchandise inside the restroom. Emma then proceeded to lock herself in a stall to read.

Her TV obsession these days is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She tried to convince me to buy this Mickey Mouse by carefully securing it in the cart.  I couldn’t really justify spending $39.99 on a stuffed Mickey Mouse, so he had to go back on the shelf. Sorry Emma.

dakota county fair 

In preparation for the Minnesota State Fair ( in 11 days! ) we went to the Dakota County Fair today. As soon as we left the parking lot Emma spied the ponies.  She got a ride when we first got there…

And as we were walking out…

Right next to the ponies… a petting zoo.

She kept calling this one a cheetah.

Besides the animals she had fun in a fire truck, in a bounce house and on a tractor.

Of course a trip to the fair isn’t complete without an ice cold lemonade.