lil chef

Last night our grocery store had a Lil Chef class. Kids got to go for an hour and make 3 recipes while the moms grocery shopped. Emma loved it so much she asked me to sign her up for more.

emma’s morning out

I signed Olivia up for a parents morning out program so Emma and I can spend some time together. Today was the first day. At Emma’s request we went to the indoor playground, Panera for lunch and Rita’s Italian Ice for dessert. Emma was super excited we got to sit at the high table at Panera AND at Rita’s.

apple cookies

I wanted to bake apple cookies today, but never got around to it. I decided it was a good idea to do them after my “helpers” went to bed. One of them is not going to be happy about that. Think she will believe me if I told her the cookie elves did it?

apple picking

We usually wait until almost October to go apple picking. This year we decided to go a little earlier while it was still warm outside. There were so many apples! We picked almost 20 pounds in under 10 minutes.