Apparently the Mall of America no longer has the Easter bunny, so we drove 30 minutes to another mall with the same cute bunny. While we were there we got new lenses in my sunglasses, got a picture with the Easter bunny, rode the double decker carousel, got Emma running shoes for track and got Icees. Whew.

Not far from the mall is a YMCA with a water park, so we stopped there to swim for 2 hours before heading back home.


Emma has been obsessed with leprechauns since one visited her school last week. They made leprechaun traps, but he got away.

She’s made trap after trap at home trying to catch that sneaky leprechaun.

The leprechaun got away, but left her a little something for all her hard work. This morning she got a surprise glittery bag filled with gold coins and gold bunnies. Better luck next year Emma! ☘️🌈