free open gym

I took Olivia to the free open gym by our house this morning. I’ve only been one other time. Emma didn’t like it and wanted to leave right away, so we never went back. Apparently Olivia feels the same way about it. We stayed maybe 5 minutes. I agree with them, it does kind of suck… but you get what you pay for.

2 year wellness check

Olivia had her 2 year wellness check yesterday. She didn’t even care they had to prick her finger. She is in the 58th percentile for weight, 12th for height and 78th for head size.

As a comparison… at this age Emma weighed 4 lbs more and was 2 inches taller.

cookie party

Braden and I have never been the ones to host parties at our house. Hosting parties actually really stresses me out. Emma loves hosting parties. She asks all the time if she can have her friends over for a party. Tea party. Halloween party. Cookie party. She will come up with a party for any occasion. Today we hosted a cookie decorating party with a bunch of her friends. We made a lot of cookies and used a ton of sprinkles.

emma’s morning out

Emma is hosting a cookie decorating get together tomorrow, so we spent pretty much the entire time Olivia was at school getting ready for that. We did manage to spend some part of our morning at Target doing some Christmas shopping and picking up last minute items for tomorrow.

santa fail

Emma has been hoping Santa brings her a violin. We opened the door the other day to this package… first thing Emma says “who is that for? It looks like a violin.”

Luckily she forgot about it. I decided to wrap it in a huge box so she won’t know what it is on Christmas morning. Santa fail #2… I wrapped it upside down.