emma’s morning out

I thought Emma was on the mend, so she wanted to take daddy to ride rides at the mall. We were there 10 minutes when she felt sick. We managed a quick trip to Build-A-Bear to use gift certificates she had before heading home.


Emma hasn’t quite been herself today. She hardly ate anything and just wanted to lay around all day. She felt a little warm… sure enough, fever.

We ended up playing a lot of Go Fish and Uno.

parents night out

As we were pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant I got a call that Olivia threw up, so our parents night out was over before it even began. Fingers crossed it was just a fluke puke. Both girls slept all night without any incident. 🤞🏻

ear infection

When I picked Emma up from school today her teacher said she had been complaining about her ear hurting. When we got home she kept crying that it hurt really bad. Her doctors office was booked for the rest of the day, so we braved the winter storm to go to urgent care to find out she has an ear infection in her left ear.