I have been working from home all week and I am pretty amazed at what has been taking place in our front yard.


If I wasn't home, I am not sure that I would even know what is happening.  But, to try and sum up what is going on, AT&T is installing something in our phone box outside to support their new U-Verse connectivity (fiber optic to the neighborhood).

The AT&T guy started digging yesterday morning and stayed digging until I came back from lunch.  When I pulled in the driveway, about 5 guys were standing around staring at the hole he had dug.  One of the guys walked over to me and introduced himself as a technician from seacoast water management.  He explained that he had been called by AT&T because their digging had broke a water line and I would not have water in the house.

As it turned out, I did have water, and it was my neighbors who were out of luck.  Anyway, last night everyone left and seeing as the hole was filled in, I assumed that they fixed everything and were moving on.

This morning I get up and the guy is back digging again.  He dug until after lunch time and then left.  It is 9pm, so I am assuming he is not coming back.  However, he dug a deep hole and just left it open.  It is about 5 feet from the road and the hole is at least 4 feet deep.  I imagine someone walking at night could easily stumble into it as it is not roped off or anything.  Not to mention our yard is a mess.

I am sort of surprised and will probably ask them to re-sod what they have torn up, but you would think they wouldn't just leave a big hole in someone's yard overnight without saying anything (or really even just start digging without saying anything).