We have arrived!

Just a quick update – three other sailboats pulled in next to us in the past 24 hours and one of them asked a local for some conch and when he arrived to deliver it – he realized they didn’t know how to prepare or cook it.  In keeping with the theme from an earlier post about people helping out…the local guy is now giving a class to all of the boats here on fileting and "bruising" the conch to tenderize it – after a salt water soak of course.

The conversation was pretty funny – went something like this:

"I’ve got the conch you asked for, do you have a bruiser?"

"What is a bruiser?"

"Hmm, how are you going to prepare it?"

"We have a receipe to grill it after putting in some coconut milk."

"Uh, ok – I’m 53 years old and have eaten conch since I was born and never heard of no coconut milk recipe. I’ll come back and show how to prepare it if you would like."

"That would be excellent."