music at the museum

We changed it up this morning, skipped storytime and went to the museum instead. The museum was having a special music event, and since Emma loves music I figured that would be more fun.

It was very similar to our music class. She got to play with her two favorite instruments – stIMG_30955/IMG_3095-768x1024.jpg)](/content/imagesIMG_31035/IMG_3103-768x1024.jpg)](/content/images/2014/05/IMG_3103.jpg)

After music we hit uIMG_31075/IMG_3107-768x1024.jpg)](/content/imagesIMG_31145/IMG_3114-768x1024.jpg)](/content/images/2014/05/IMG_3114.jpg)

I didn’t even make it two miles from the parking garage before she was out. ObviouslyIMG_31245/IMG_3124-768x1024.jpg)](/content/images/2014/05/IMG_3124.jpg)