3 weeks

Emma had a busy week for her third week.  On Tuesday she had her 2 week check up. Braden took her back to the car while I made a follow up appointment. When I got the car I found them hanging out in tIMG_10488/IMG_1048-1024x768.jpg)](/content/images/2013/08/IMG_1048.jpg)

Now that her umbilical cord fell off she finally got a real bath. She would scream the entire time she got a sponge bath, but she lovedIMG_06428/IMG_0642-768x1024.jpg)](/content/images/2013/08/IMG_0642.jpg)

She had herIMG_10588/IMG_1058-1024x768.jpg)](/content/images/2013/08/IMG_1058.jpg)

I debated whether to get newborn photos done at all. I’m just not crazy about the naked baby photos in strange positions. But I was talked into it… and based on the two pictures I’ve already seen I’m so glad I did it. Can’t IMG_1086](GHOST_URL/content/imagesIMG_1087](GHOST_URL/content/images/2013/08/IMG_1087.jpg)

This week we also had to retire a few of her newborn outfits. Can’t believe at 3 weeks she’s already oDSC_02548/DSC_0254-1024x680.jpg)](/content/images/2013/08/DSC_0254.jpg)