a week at the beach

For the second leg of our trip we spent a couple days in Ohio. I didn’t end up taking any pictures… but do have these from Braden’s mom.

We walked around downtown Loveland, had lunch at The Works and got some chocolate from Loveland Sweets.

Uncle Braden spent some quality time reading books and watching tv with Amelia and Minnie Mouse.

We also had Firehouse Subs ( because you can’t pass that up when its so close ), took a girls trip to Hobby Lobby ( which you also can’t pass up ) and the boys purchased, flew and crashed a remote control plane.

Surprisingly all our flights were on time with no issues to report. Of course our trip couldn’t be that easy…

Who would of thought we would have car issues to AND from the Ft. Lauderdale Airport? We drove Braden’s truck to the airport because mine has a huge nail in the tire. We didn’t realize that until we were at the gas station on the way to the airport, so we had to head back home to get his.

On the way home from the airport we had to call AAA for Braden’s truck. Apparently the gas gauge is not correct and when it says 50 miles to empty it really means empty. AAA doesn’t carry diesel on their trucks, so it had to be towed to the gas station. Braden always wondered if this beast could be towed. Now we know…

The only highlights… Camel Towing ( yes, that is their name… I got proof ), a super nice tow truck driver and dinner at Hooter’s afterwards.