baby room progress

After a successful day 1 the boys had an unsuccessful day 2… and 3. Braden mentioned after they left our marina they heard a clicking sound, then bang come from the engine. The boat seemed to be fine, so they kept going up to Stuart.

Apparently they got everything ready to go on the morning of day 2 – chairs on deck, sunscreen applied, radar on, etc. – only to find out the engine wouldn’t start. Apparently the bang was the starter. After 2 unsuccessful days working on the engine, a trip to a mechanic specializing in starters and several calls to another mechanic they decided to call it a week.

Unfortunately Michael leaves tomorrow, so it will be up to me to help Braden get the boat to its final destination. Not exactly what I was hoping for.. but luckily they went through the harder part of the trip. All that is left now is 1 bridge and a trip up a winding canal. I can handle that…