baby room update!

Happy Birthday Braden! … and 32 weeks! You know its getting close when people ask how far along you are and you tell them how much time you have left, rather than how much time has gone by. ONLY 8 WEEKS! Crazy…

In other news… we made some important baby decisions and appointments this week.

( 1 ) We decided to skip the chair rail in the baby room because ( 1 ) it will take more time and money to put up, ( 2 ) we couldn’t really find wood that was the right size, and ( 3 ) we kind of like it just the way it is. The wood has been spackled and caulked, so all it needs now is a good sanding and paint.

( 2 ) I think we’ve narrowed our baby names down to 2! This is such a tough decision and we’re not totally ready to commit yet…

( 3 ) I scheduled our baby room painter ( my mom ) to come down in 2 weeks!

( 4 ) We ( sort of ) made a decision on wood for the book wall shelves, and how to mount them. There has been much back and forth discussion on this topic.

Braden has this grand vision of floating shelves, which requires this crazy idea of cutting out drywall.

I have this grand vision of white shelves along the wall. Who cares if you may be able to see a bracket or if the shelf has a back to attach it to the wall? I hope I’ve convinced him to go the simple way for now. He can always redo them later if he really hates them that much.

( 5 ) I scheduled a maternity photo shoot! So excited even though I really hate getting my picture taken! Braden will not be excited to find this out, but its one of those things that just has to be done. We rarely get pictures of the two of us, and this is a special occasion.