birdie and lund

birdie and lund

After a very long fostering break we decided to jump back in. At the beginning of February we got Birdie. He was supposed to be a friendly cat that loved attention. Turns out he was a scaredy cat... literally.

It took over a week, but he finally started to come around. He is still jumpy, but he doesn't hide any more.

He is not a snuggly cat, but he really loves Emma. Every night he goes into her room at bedtime and sleeps in her bed with her for hours.

Birdie lived with other cats before he came to our house, so I thought maybe it would help him to have another cat around. So at the end of February we got Lund who also lived with other cats. Their initial meeting didn't go well, but after a couple days they stopped hissing at each other and started playing together.

Lund loves to snuggle. If I'm sitting on the couch he is sleeping on my lap.

Birdie even gave it a try. This was the first time Birdie ever laid with us on the couch.