brave girl

brave girl

When Olivia got her molars two of them looked like a whole layer of enamel was chipped off. I thought maybe she was grinding her teeth so bad that she chipped them, but it turns out they just came in that way. I always had a bad feeling about them, but she saw a dentist every 6 months and every 6 months I was told they were fine. Turns out... they weren't fine. Olivia started complaining about one of them hurting, so I switched her to a pediatric dentist and took her for her routine 6 month cleaning.

Her tooth pain was caused by an infection that got under the tooth because of her bad enamel. We left that appointment with her needing antibiotics, a tooth extraction, 2 crowns and a spacer in the spot where she would be missing a tooth. All of this needed to be done as soon as possible. Not what I was expecting to hear.  😭

We had 2 options: (1) 4 office visits to do each procedure separately or (2) general anesthesia at the Children's Hospital to do it all at once. Not an easy choice. The dentist was already booked out to the end of September for the OR option, and we were nervous about waiting that long to get her tooth out. So... we did a lot of talking, a lot of crying and a lot of bribing.

After all that she was smiling the most adorable crooked smile from her face being numb.

The next morning she was smiling extra big at her tooth fairy money. Apparently the tooth fairy gives you a lot of money that includes a special $2 bill when you get a tooth pulled. 😉

She has to go back in a month to get a crown on the other molar with bad enamel. She's already let me know what she wants me to purchase as bribery for that dentist visit.  😂