busy start to fall

busy start to fall

I've never been a fan of too many evening activities... so I really over did it this month. 😬 It started Monday with Olivia at dance and Emma at volleyball practice. Olivia has been wanting to get back into dance, so she is taking a ballet/tap class with one of her friends.

Tuesday it was Emma's turn for dance. She wanted to try hip hop again since last fall she only made it to a couple classes before her studio closed. After dance she had another volleyball practice. Emma really wanted to try volleyball (which she loves). It is a short season with 2 practices a week for the next 3 weeks, and then 2 games.

Wednesday it was gymnastics. Olivia moved up after the last session, which means she can now be in the same class as Emma.

Thursday is horseback riding lessons for Emma. They were full all summer, but they had a spot open up for the fall.

Friday would normally be our free evening... but not this week. The girls did a dance clinic with the high school dance team and got to perform at halftime.