A couple weeks ago I ordered a cup of caterpillars.

I wasn't sure the teeny, tiny caterpillars we got were going to turn into butterflies. This was a couple days after we got them, and they had already grown a lot.

They kept growing and growing in their little cup. After about a week they all climbed to the top and started to make their chrysalis.

I don't know how much time I've spent staring at our 6 chrysalis waiting for something to happen. Finally on day 10 we came home from the pool and we had a butterfly!

The next day we had 4 more!

We're heading to Colorado, so we released the 5 butterflies into our butterfly garden.

The 6th chrysalis is making the trip with us.

Also making the trip with us.... 4 monarch caterpillars.

I'm storing 2 bags of milkweed leaves in the fridge to feed them. Just wanted to make sure Braden didn't think it was lettuce. 😂