coconut bread

When we first started on this trip we noticed right away that people living on their boat are usually in bed between 9 PM and 10 PM every night. If you’re not at a marina with access to power or cable tv there really isn’t much to do after it gets dark. After a few weeks we were officially living on a boat and going to bed between 9 PM and 10 PM. Last night… we didn’t get back to the boat from the restaurant until 3:15 AM. So today was a rest day.

Braden spent the day reading under the gazebo. I took the dinghy and innertube out to the sandbar. When I was getting the dinghy ready to go I saw the gigantic stingray right next to our boat just laying in the sand.

While I was at the sandbar I walked around to see if there was anything interesting. I stumbled upon this conch and crab. Luckily I had the underwater camera with me…