Comcast stinks ( and that’s putting it nicely ). We ditched them years ago for AT&T Uverse. AT&T is AWESOME.

Now that I’m working part time we’re trying to cut some costs. Our HOA covers cable through Comcast, so yesterday I called to have it turned back on since it will save us $130 a month. Last night we had to call three times to get everything turned on correctly, then we woke up this morning to no internet! I’m going to have to call again because the DVR still isn’t set up right. Some things never change. Good thing I haven’t cancelled AT&T yet. It’s worth every penny of that $130!

I couldn’t make a post without something baby related… I looked away for 1 second while programming the new remote and part of the instructions were missing. I had to fish the piece out of Emma’s mouth. Can’t take yo20140122-090650.jpg](GHOST_URL/content/images/2014/01/20140122-090650.jpg)