distance learning: day 13

distance learning: day 13

Today was a rough one. We powered through it, but it wasn't easy. Last night Emma completed reading her 300th book.

Over the last couple weeks 1st graders learned about 6 different penguins. This week they had to pick one of the penguins they learned about and build its habitat. She chose the chinstrap penguin.

This afternoon Emma had a video call with her teacher and 3 other girls in her class.

Its been really cold all week. We've been cooped up inside and the girls are going a little crazy.

Emma has been begging to make homemade puffy paint. It seemed like a real mess and I've been avoiding it for days. Turns out it wasn't that bad and it was actually pretty cool. Guess we'll be doing that one again.

This afternoon Emma took a field trip with Braden to the barn to check out our new tractor. I can't wait until the snow melts and we can drive this thing around!

Its supposed to start warming up... and we can't wait! Its amazing the difference getting outside for a little bit each day does for our moods.