distance learning: day 19

distance learning: day 19

Someone was very happy this morning after a visit from the tooth fairy!

This week has been a rough one for distance learning. Luckily there is no school tomorrow.

It was another warm day, and it was sunny. Emma decided it was perfect weather for sunbathing on the deck.

I added some food coloring to bubbles. The girls loved it. It was a little too windy, so they had to get really close to the paper. We'll have to try it again on a less windy day.

They still came out pretty cool, even with the wind.

We spent a little time at the barn. The girls took turns driving the Excursion around the barn. They thought it was the coolest thing. We drove around and around for over an hour.

I've been wondering what the plans are for the pool this summer. I was super excited this morning when I saw the cover was off and furniture is back.