distance learning: day 26

distance learning: day 26

Physical Education day today. Emma's assignment was fitness bingo.

When we woke up this morning there were 2 butterflies. By the afternoon there were 4! We're just waiting on one more.

Today was a very exciting day. Playgrounds in our city have been closed for months. Today they were opened back up! These were 2 very excited girls.

Its a crazy coincidence that this was one of my throwback thursday pictures for today (May 7, 2019).

That is one of the playgrounds in our neighborhood, and we went there today now that they are back open. Look how much they've grown!

We couldn't just go to 1, or 2 playgrounds. We ended up going to 4 today. Its time to get out my park checklist and start checking them off for this year.

They must have played this game for an hour. They would take turns trying to save the other one from falling down the slide.