distance learning: day 7

distance learning: day 7

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Emma is assigned specific assignments. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she gets to pick 5 assignments from a choice board of about 30 different activities in reading, writing, math, personal connection and specialist. Today she loved every one she picked (which makes this homeschooling thing so much easier).

First up... reading. She had to write down all the rooms in our house that she spends the most time in, and then read in them. She picked: her room, living room, kitchen and the jungle gym.

Next... math (one of her favorite subjects). She had to count 2 dimes, 2 nickels and 7 pennies. She loves when I let her write on their craft desk with a dry erase marker.

After she counted it she had to show how she could make 37 cents other ways.

Third... writing. When they planted their sunflower seeds I started a sunflower journal for Emma. One of the activities today was writing a journal about what is going on outside... so we substituted this one instead.

Both girls are very excited that their sunflower plants have sprouted.

For personal connection of course Emma picked the one that was cooking. Today we baked a loaf of coconut Bimini bread. We're bringing the Bahamas to Minnesota since we couldn't go this year for spring break. We already ate the whole loaf, so I guess we're baking another one tomorrow.

Last up... specialist. Today it was science and engineering. Emma had to build a bug trap and demonstrate how it works.

It was almost 70 degrees today! We went for a bike ride. Olivia decided she wanted to ride her own bike. I didn't think she'd make it very far, but she went over a mile. I bet she's going to sleep good tonight.

Emma decided she wanted to be at the beach. So she drew one on the driveway, sat in the sand and drank her water with a fancy umbrella in it.

It was the perfect night for dinner on the deck. While we were sitting there these super loud, military planes flew overhead.