good news

good news

Hershey and Oreo are ringworm free! Whew. I love these cats, but man... I am ready for them to get adopted. They have been by far the most mischevious kittens we've had. They are into EVERYTHING - the toilet, the trash, the fridge, Olivia's Legos. It is time for them to go!

I can't leave the fridge or freezer open because Oreo will hop in there as soon as he sees the door open.

No food can be left on the counter. I thought this brand new, sealed loaf of bread was safe. Nope. Hershey got into that.

The trash was left open just a crack. Oreo climbed in and grabbed a rib bone. When he gets a hold of people food he gets a death grip on it and growls if you try to take it from him.

They are cute, so I knew as soon as their bios went up on the website they would have applications. Sure enough the day after they were posted I had interested people. Today a couple came to meet Oreo. He charmed them with his cuteness and they want to adopt him. Unfortunately they are going out of town and we're going to have to keep him a couple more weeks. I will be counting down the days! Byeeeeee.