here, there and everywhere

This morning Braden told me he was going to take a day off work today. Yay! We started off the day with her first ride in this car we got from a friend.


Next we visited the aquarium.



Of course, the loggerhead turtle got some kisses.


A trip to the Mall of America isn’t complete without a IMG_72530/IMG_7253-768x1024.jpg)](/content/images/2014/10/IMG_7253.jpg)

We stopped for lunch at Moe’s.


She fell asleep in the car after lunch, so we headed to check out a home salvage warehouse just for fun. They pretty much have everything you could ever want for a house. Cabinets. Lights. Doors. Lots of doors. Once Emma was awake we took advantage of another warm day and went to the park.


After the park it was time to head home where Emma took another spin in her car before calling it a long, busy day.