hershey and oreo

hershey and oreo

Have I mentioned we have foster kittens....? We got them right after Thanksgiving. These were pictures of them when we got them in November. They were 8 weeks old and tiny.

Hershey (named by Emma)
Oreo (named by Olivia)

I was pretty positive as soon as I saw them that they both had ringworm. My worst nightmare with foster kittens! Ringworm takes forrrrever to get rid of, plus it spreads super easily if you're not careful. The vetting people gave me the run around for days telling me just to wait and see. I didn't need to wait and see. I already knew. In the meantime they got quarantined in the kitten room. I went in once a day to clean the litter box and fill their food and water.

Olivia did my makeup

Two weeks later they finally let me take them to the vet and they both tested positive for ringworm. Shocker. That meant 5 weeks of ringworm treatment and being locked in a room 24 hours a day. After the 5 weeks was up both kittens fur had all grown back in and they were finished with their treatment. They had to go in for a follow up culture and now we have to wait 3 weeks for the results. We all felt bad for the kittens being locked up for so long, so the girls convinced me to let them out since they looked to be ringworm free. Fingers crossed their cultures come back negative!