home sweet home

Braden ended up having to spend an extra day in Florida for work, so that meant Emma and I were on our own to get home. The trip started out great….

As soon as they shut the plane door Emma started having a total meltdown. I had a kicking, screaming baby through take off and for at least 30 minutes after that. She finally tired herself out and fell asleep.

The plane from Jacksonville to Minneapolis is a small one, so everyone heard and saw her crazy tantrum. After she fell asleep the flight attendant came by with a handwritten note from a guy in first class. It said he knew traveling with kids was hard after doing it with his own, and asked if I wanted a glass of wine.

Luckily Emma slept almost the whole way. When she woke up right before landing she was in a much better mood.

Braden dropped us at the curb and parked the car when we left over a week ago, so I had no idea where it was. I got lost trying to find it, but as a bonus we saw Captain Sig walking through the parking garage.

We finally made it home, ate dinner and got into bed. It’s so nice sleeping in your own bed after being away for so long.