horse camp

horse camp

This week Emma had horse camp all day every day. Olivia and I were busy too doing all her favorite things. First up... Crayola. We haven't been here in forever.

On Tuesday we got our nails done.

They love getting the jelly pedicure treatment.

Wednesday we visited the cat store. We haven't had kittens in a long time, so she was happy to play with the three they had up for adoption there.

Thursday she had a friend over and we spent some time at the pool

Friday it was back to the mall. When we went on Monday Olivia really wanted to have lunch at Rainforest Cafe. I will never understand their love for this place, or how it is always crazy packed. On Monday they didn't have any seating until almost 3 PM, so I booked a reservation for lunch on Friday. We got to the mall a little early and squeezed in a couple rides before lunch.

Emma had the best time at camp. She was there with four of her friends. She did crafts, activities and riding every day. She loved this little horse Octavia.