its all coming together...

Last week we finally got a mechanic out to the boat to work his magic. For the next month our weekends will be pretty action packed, so this past weekend was the only opportunity to get the boat to Indiantown unless we wanted to wait another month… which we didn’t. I offered to go with Braden, but the protective daddy-to-be said no way Jose. Luckily our friend Rob ( thanks Augusta and Rob! ) was able to help Braden.

On Saturday they started the trip from Stuart to Indiantown.

This is my favorite part of this leg of the trip… going through the St. Lucie lock.

By Saturday afternoon they made it to the Indiantown marina! The marina doesn’t run the travel lift on the weekend, so this morning Braden headed back out to Indiantown to get the boat out of the water.

This may have been the longest trip ever from Palm Beach Gardens to Indiantown… but the boat finally made it with no serious engine problems to report.