mount rushmore

We’re spending two days sightseeing in South Dakota. On yesterday’s agenda we saw Mount Rushmore and drove the wildlife loop at Custer State Park.

After Mount Rushmore we took a very curvy, scenic drive from Mount Rushmore to Custer State Park.

Emma loved going through the one lane tunnels.

I have really bad luck seeing wildlife I want to see. Wanted to see dolphins in the Bahamas. We were there for 2 months and didn’t see a single one. Wanted to see moose in Alaska. Saw none. Wanted to see buffalo at Custer State Park. We heard someone at Mount Rushmore say there were tons with babies and they came right up to their car. How many did we see? NONE! But we did see a bunch of deer, antelope and donkeys.

A family was feeding the donkeys and gave Emma some carrots so she could feed them too.

As a bonus, on our way back to the campground we saw Crazy Horse.