Nassau here we come

If you’ve been reading along, we arrived at Bimini on Saturday morning after about a 9.5 hour crossing. We motored the whole way averaged roughly 4.7 knots over 50 nautical miles.

Coming into the cut between North Bimini and South Bimini islands we briefly ran aground.  Our charts are pretty current and showed a channel that no longer exists in the same place.  Luckily other boats were around and we followed them in with no further problems.

We tied up at Bimini Big Game Club as Erin mentioned and have been here ever since.  In the meantime we’ve explored most of the island (North Bimini) by foot and found some nice places.  Capt. Bob’s is the spot to go for breakfast if so inclined.  And the beach on the west side of the island is second to none.  Crystal clear water, limited waves, shallow and beautiful.  Surprisingly, our marina/resort has the best dinner/night spot with a bar that overlooks the marina from a second story balcony.

Our current plans are to leave tomorrow and head for either Chub Cay or Nassau proper.  Weather is looking decent for Thur/Fri – but a bit unsure about the possibility of some squally stuff at some point.