Norman's Cay

Where to go next…? The Exumas is a chain of 365 islands so we have lots of places to choose from.

Our original plan was to stop at Allen’s Cay, see the iguanas and maybe spend a day. The anchorage at Allen’s Cay is notorious for being crowded, and we don’t like crowded anchorages. The possibility to bump into someones boat or someones boat bump into yours – in the middle of the night – is not something we enjoy. A boat just pulled in next to us today who came from Allen’s Cay. They said it was crowded last night, and they had to move in the middle of the night to avoid collision with other boats. No thank you.

So we’re thinking about skipping it and heading straight to Norman’s Cay. The anchorage there is supposed to be much better. Norman’s main attraction is a plane wreckage from the ’80s. Its supposed to be some pretty cool snorkeling. The distance from Nassau to Norman’s Cay is about 35 nautical miles, which would take us about 9 hours. We plan to head out around 8 AM tomorrow.

To our mothers: We probably won’t have internet connection for a couple days. Don’t panic! We’ll be on the Bahama bank, not in open ocean… and we expect there will be plenty of other boats around. We will update the website as soon as we have internet connection. That will probably be in Warderick Wells in a couple of days.