olivia's week

olivia's week

Now that the holidays are over and school is back all of our other activities also started back up. We've has a busy week and Olivia loved all of it.

This week she started a new session at gymnastics.

We visited the library while Emma was at dance.

A new session of her dance class started.

We shopped at Target. It was her lucky day. She got a cookie with icing and a donut. She ate all the icing off the cookie in the store, then said she was all done and decided this was good place to leave it.

That's also how she eats her donuts.

We spent a morning at the YMCA. I got a work out in while she played and then we went to the pool.

Last week at the zoo she found at least $2.00 in change in one of the vending machines. As we were leaving the Y she checked their vending machine and found money in that one too. 😂