This is what the girls have been waiting for...

A lot of fun was had today. Unfortunately I made a rookie mistake and let them spend a couple hours playing in the water without sunscreen because it was overcast. They will pay the price for the next couple days.

While they were in the water we also put them to work scrubbing the side of the boat.

This afternoon we headed to our favorite place (where everyone knows my name) for Emma's sailing lesson.

Today they practiced flipping the boat, getting it rightside up and getting back in it. Emma did it easily, hopped in and left her instructor in the water swimming after the boat.

As we were driving back we could see the sun setting, but missed seeing it from our boat by just a couple of minutes. Tomorrow we're pulling into a marina for a couple of days while our first visitors come to town (which we are very excited about!), so the sunset will have to wait for another day.

On our way back to the boat we could see a huge cruise ship that pulled in while we were gone for the afternoon.