overnight at the zoo

overnight at the zoo

Our zoo has sleepovers. Braden and Emma have always wanted to go to one, but I always remember too late and they're full. Not this time!

They have 3 different sleepovers - with the bears, in the aquarium or at the farm. This one was at the farm. Emma wanted to wear the perfect outfit.🐐😂

Part of the reason Emma wanted to do this one is because they get to sleep in a tent.

They got to see all the animals at the farm, have pizza and make smores.

In the morning they got to help with chores around the farm.

One of the other things they did was see the grain elevator. Apparently there is also a playground in the building. We've been members at the zoo for 5 years and I had no idea this even existed!

Emma loved her night away with daddy! 💕 I already signed them up for the one in the aquarium in November.