park time

park time

Emma and I snuck in a little time at the park today after Emma was done distance learning and Olivia was still at school... and yes, Emma is in her pajamas.

Emma has been asking just about every day if I can take them to a new park. After we picked up Olivia from school we took a 20 minute drive to a park I took Emma once when she was really little.

I didn't remember anything that special about this park except for the castle and dragon slide. That was because Emma was too little for monkey bars. This park has the craziest monkey bar course. I have a feeling Emma will be asking to come to this park again soon.

When we were finished at the park we stopped for some Rita's. It won't be long before it is closed for the winter, so we have to get it while we can. Olivia wanted blue raspberry and cotton candy.

This would NOT have been my choice for a gelati - pineapple, mango-peach with chocolate custard. Yuck!