peanut butter

peanut butter

Emma started following this local place's YouTube channel over a year ago, and since then has been asking for a snake.

Surprisingly she knows a lot about them - all the different kinds, what they eat, how to set up their habitat. I've been against it. Mostly because I don't want to store dead mice in my freezer 🤢, and I remember when my brother's snake bit my mom 😬.

She has been pretty set on getting an albino checkered garter snake, which I haven't seen available anywhere. It just so happens that the place got a bunch of babies in last week. I talked it over with Braden and he thought we should let her get one as a Christmas present. The girls didn't have school today, so we made a trip there to go see them.

After getting there she changed her mind when she saw how small they were. She held a 1 year old corn snake that was pretty small and tried to hide in her pocket. Then the lady took out a 1 month old corn snake which was even smaller, but the lady told her it was too squirmy for Emma to hold. I asked if the 2 year old corn snake I saw posted on their Facebook page was still available because I thought that one actually sounded perfect.

After Emma held her she decided this was the one. So here we are...

When we got home she got right to work setting up the enclosure.

Welcome to the family Peanut Butter.