pink or pink?

No news on the boat. It is still sitting at the marina in Stuart waiting for a mechanic to fix the starter. Since I’m trying not to nag Braden about calling a mechanic I’ve decided to focus my efforts elsewhere… the baby room!

We sold the futon to make room for a crib. It was kind of sad to see it go since Braden has had it forever, but we just don’t have any place for it since we’re turning the office into a nursery. Just before Michael left, he helped Braden move a dresser downstairs and the desk upstairs.

My grandparents bought me a furniture set when I was a kid, so I figured it made sense to reuse it for the baby rather than buy new furniture. The set also included a desk that I’m thinking we’ll also relocate to the baby room to use as a changing table.

I’ve done hours of research and decided on bedding and other decor for the room. I will have to enlist Braden’s help for the paneled wall and book wall projects, but he got a new tool out of the deal… so he’s happy. Once those projects are done all I will need is my mom to come down and paint!