r.i.p spots

r.i.p spots

Before we left for Texas both Emma's fish and Olivia's fish got a vacation feeder. The feeders said they were only good for 7 days, so on day 6 my friend came over to check on the fish and drop another feeder in there. That was Thursday. All was good. When we got home on Monday only one fish remained - Olivia's fish Blueberry.

We had to break the news to Emma that her fish didn't make it. There were some tears, then she scooped him out, flushed him, and that was that. The next day we cleaned everything in the tank and she rearranged it all.

Once it was all put back together we headed back to PetSmart for a new fish. It took her forever to decide. We lined up all the ones she liked and she started eliminating them one by one. She considered a couple female bettas, but in the end picked a red male one.

Here is Toasty. He is a lot more active than Spots (which could have been a sign he wasn't going to make it long).

He also loves to hide in this clam shell, which she thinks is hilarious.