royal princess ball

I bought tickets in May for the Royal Princess Ball. Emma didn’t really know about it until a few days ago… but I had been waiting months! I was so excited for Emma to get to see all the princesses. She’s always shy at first, but it doesn’t take long for her to just walk right up to them, give them a hug and plop down in their lap.

Emma has been asking for an Anna dress for Christmas. I knew all the other girls would be dressed up, so I gave it to her a little early.

img_1144 img_1098 img_1117 img_1191 img_1178 img_1168 img_1127 img_1122 img_1111 img_1105 dsc_1298 dsc_1275

We spent a little extra and got VIP tickets. We got in 15 minutes early and she got a tiara.


Since we already spent a lot of money, what was $20 more on a special Belle necklace? She wasn’t a huge fan of Merida. I think it was the accent.