shower storage

A word of advice… when using a shower for storage make sure to keep anything that could get water damage high up. Since we turned our office into Emma’s bedroom we had a lot of items that had no place to go. Our garage is packed full, so I was storing all these items in Emma’s shower. Last week we had some plumbing issues and apparently water was coming up from the drain. We didn’t realize until last night when I was investigating where a musty smell was coming from in her bathroom. All the books that we’re sitting on the floor of the shower were soaked. I think a lot of them can be saved, so they are sitting out in the sun to dry. There were some20131219-133721.jpg](GHOST_URL/content/images/2013/12/20131219-133721.jpg)

For the past couple weeks I’ve been meaning to clean out the shower. Emma has become a bit of a splasher at bath time so I want to use her shower rather than soak the kitchen floor every night. Apparently today I will finally get around to doing that since everything is now on her bathroom floor.