sick girl

sick girl

This morning started off like every other Monday morning. We got Emma on the bus, then we headed straight to gymnastics.

The snow storm last week caused my grocery delivery to get cancelled, so I needed to grab a few things at Sam's. I should have known something was up when Olivia didn't want to eat candy at Sam's. Flashback to last week's snowstorm....

My second sign should have been when Olivia fell asleep in the car on the way to lunch. We were meeting a friend and then going to a cooking class.

She had been complaining off and on that her tummy hurt, but she usually says that when she has to pee or she's hungry. I just figured she was hungry since she didn't eat very much at breakfast. Then she didn't eat a single bite at lunch. We ended up skipping the cooking class and going home. Good move on my part because she threw up in the parking lot and again at home. She followed that up with a long nap.

After some Tylenol for a low fever and finally a little food she is clearly feeling like herself. When I asked if this was an accident she said no... she did it on purpose. 😇