snake discovery

snake discovery

Emma has been very interested in snakes lately. A couple weeks ago I was Googling places you could hold or touch snakes and came across a place called Snake Discovery 30 minutes from our house. She saw me looking at their page and told me they have a YouTube channel that she had been watching it for a long time.

While I was on their page I saw they had an event to make jewelry with snake skin, but it was sold out. I have been checking every couple days hoping there would be an opening. Last night at 10:30 PM they posted on their Facebook page that they had 2 cancellations, so I hurried up and got us tickets!

While we were waiting for a necklaces to dry they brought in 2 snakes for everyone to hold.

We also got admission to the zoo where they have all sorts of cool reptiles, amphibians and bugs.

Emma was super excited when she saw Emily who is in their YouTube videos.

This turned out to be a lot more fun that I thought it would and I was pretty impressed with our finished snake skin necklaces.