A couple months ago we got an envelope from Nielsen ( the tv ratings company ). I happened to open it and find a letter asking to fill out a one page survey, and as a gift they included $5. Score!

I filled it out and sent it in. A couple weeks later I got a bigger envelope asking me to keep a diary of all the tv watching in our house. To thank me for my time… $30! It was a little time consuming, but I did it and sent it back in.

About a month ago I got another envelope with $5. Today in the mail I had the bigger envelope with the tv watching diary and another $30! So far I’ve made $70 from Nielsen just to tell them what we watch on tv20140205-173125.jpg](GHOST_URL/content/images/2014/02/20140205-173125.jpg)

I wonder how many people throw away these envelopes with the money in them. If you get one… open it! I bet there are nice, crisp $5 bills in there.