Tailgating season comes to a close

 Posted by Erin on November 20, 2010

Surprise!  We have another boat.

Boat #1 – Our first sailboat.  Poor thing is in really bad shape, but still floating.  Braden is supposed to be working on getting rid of it… but that isn’t going so well.

Boat #2 – Our first dinghy.  It doesn’t have a motor, so Braden has to row us which doesn’t work so well with our plans for boat #3.  We’ll probably keep it as a spare dinghy.

Boat #3 – Our second sailboat.  By now everyone should know all about this boat.

Boat #4 – Our second dinghy.  This one has a motor, but after we got it we realized it was too small for the two of us.  However, it is really fun with just one person.  Since we’re going to keep boat #2 as a spare we can get rid of this one.

Boat #5 – Our newest dinghy.  We’ll use the motor from boat #4 with this one.  Its much bigger than boat #4, and its brand new.  We’ll use this one as our main dinghy… now we just have to find room for it on boat #3.