the bus

I mentioned briefly in another post that we bought an RV. I was waiting until we got a family photo in front of it to make an official post, but I forgot and now the bus is in storage for the winter.

So…. here it is ( minus the family picture ). It was made by Bluebird, who makes school buses… so technically its a bus. We are constantly calling it “the boat “. Old habits.

img_7389 copy-of-_dsc0229

It has a couch, dinette, kitchen, huge bathroom with a tub and a bedroom in the back. The couch folds out and will be Emma’s bed. We took the chair out so there is more floor space and will put a pack n play there for Olivia.

copy-of-_dsc0167 copy-of-_dsc0173 copy-of-_dsc0134 copy-of-_dsc0145

Emma loves checking out all the RVs and campers they have on display at fairs, so she is super excited that we have our own now.


She even got to ride in it already!


We took it to Wisconsin to put it in storage for the winter. We already have a list of road trips to take in the spring – Mount Rushmore is at the top of my list! Plus a list of some small projects we want to get done.


Braden just found out this week that he’s been chosen for a project in Florida for 4 months, so he’s seriously debating driving it down so he doesn’t have to stay in a hotel every week. Anyone want to come visit us in Minnesota?!? We would love the company, so come see us!