the wheels on the bus

Tuesday is the best day for the museum. It’s the one day of the week that they don’t allow any field trips, which means it’s a lot less crowded.

Emma’s new favorite thing to do is drive the bus. It may be my least favorite thing since there are always kids waiting, and Emma doesn’t fully grasp the concept of taking turns. She’ll just push through them all to get(null)](GHOST_URL/content/images/2015/01/IMG_3401.jpg)

We’ve been to the museum a lot and just discovered two new rooms. One of them we had been in a long time ago, but we thought it was boring. It must have been because she was so small. It has a woodchuck den and an ant hill that the ki(null)](GHOST_URL/content/images/2015/01/IMG_9863.jpg)

Adults can too, but (null)](GHOST_URL/content/images/2015/01/IMG_9864.jpg)