then there were none...

then there were none...

Lily and Sylvester were adopted together and are off to their new home. They are going to live with a single older guy.

I'm wondering how much they are going to miss this. Olivia loved these two... and made sure to show them just how much every chance she could get her hands on them.

When Sylvester came to us he looked rough. It took a couple visits to the vet to get him totally healthy.

He was the cat most likely to come in your room and wake you up in the middle of the night. He's the reason we had to shut all our bedroom doors at night. Otherwise he'd rotate rooms starting at 3 AM waking us all up one by one to get pet.

Lily was the runt of the 4, with the most adorable fox looking face.

She was also the sneakiest. I can't tell you how many times she would try to sneak food off the counter. I'm also pretty sure it was her that was snacking on this bacon grease that I left on the stove overnight.

We're going to miss these babies! When we got them in July I didn't expect we would have them this long. They were so tiny!

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