tooth fairy?

tooth fairy?

Every one of Emma's adult bottom teeth have come in behind her baby tooth. This one was no different. Usually it doesn't take long for her tooth to get loose once the new tooth starts coming in, but this one is all the way in and her tooth still wasn't very loose. She's been working on this one since November.

November 8, 2022

Yesterday she went to Subway for lunch with Braden and came home very excited that her tooth fell out while she was eating.

Look at that tiny little thing. It is a miracle she made it all the way home from Subway without losing it.

At Christmas she told me she knew the tooth fairy (and Santa) aren't real, but she knows she's not allowed to say a word to Olivia. She went up to her room and came down a few minutes later with this note. Turns out it was her lucky day because all the tooth fairy had was a $5 bill.