we did it!

we did it!

I've been trying for 3 years to visit all 20 parks in our city. Despite my best efforts this summer we were 5 short. Then we were given the most amazing fall day today... AND there was no school! The girls and I (plus some friends) made it to the remaining 5 on my list.

I'm thinking I need to challenge myself next year. How about 20 parks in 20 days!?!

Here's a recap of the other 15. I tried really hard to get a picture at each park sign, but clearly I missed a couple.

Ailesbury Park (no sign... ooops!)

Greystone Park (no idea where the sign is for this one)

Camfield Park (another without a sign photo)

Shannon Park (funny I don't have any playground pictures here... or the sign. We've been here lots because its the park by Emma's school.)

Innisfree Park (We rode bikes this day and must have missed the sign)

Schwartz Pond Park (the sign for this one is way up by the road and far from the park)

If you've made it through all those pictures (and were counting) you'd realize that was only 13 parks. Besides missing some of the signs I also somehow managed to completely miss taking pictures at 2 parks. 🤷🏼‍♀️