weigh in

At the first pediatrician visit she scared me into thinking Emma wasn’t getting enough food, and therefore wasn’t gaining enough weight. This lead to us going every two weeks to get her weight checked at the doctor’s office up until she was 8 weeks.

For peace of mind Braden bought us a scale for home. I’ve been a little less obsessed with checking her weight, but every now and then I get curious. On Saturday DSC_01330/DSC_0133-1024x680.jpg)](/content/images/2013/10/DSC_0133.jpg)

She is growing so fast that she has already outgrown some of the 3 month outfits. Since her legs and feet are so long the footed PJs are alDSC_01770/DSC_0177-1024x680.jpg)](/content/images/2013/10/DSC_0177.jpg)